The Ancient Art Council (AAC) supports Ancient Art at the Fine Arts Museums. Your annual membership dues and contributions will assist in furthering Ancient Art at the Museums.

The AAC sponsors programs that are informative, educational, and enjoyable. The array of events and activities enhances our understanding and appreciation of the ancient world and provide opportunities to meet renowned scholars and experts and mingle with kindred spirits.

Please join us and enjoy our programs.

Membership Benefits

  • Free or discounted admission to AAC programs
  • E-alerts and calendars of AAC events, including lectures, symposia, conferences by noted archaeologists, museum curators, and ancient art historians
  • Invitations to AAC fundraising events
  • Travel programs to other museums, special exhibitions, and private collections
  • Invitations to events hosted by related organizations

Your membership makes it possible for us:

  • To invite and host renowned speakers admired for their expertise and knowledge
  • To organize and sponsor programs covering the art, culture, history, architecture, and archaeology of the ancient civilizations from the Mediterranean basin to the ancient Near East and beyond
  • To purchase beautiful and rare works of art
  • Membership benefits
  • Two membership cards

Fully tax deductible

Senior (65+)
  • Membership benefits
  • Single membership card

Fully tax deductible

  • Membership benefits
  • Single membership card
  • Must be full-time student

Fully tax deductible

Gift Bearer (New Level)
  • Membership benefits plus
  • Two membership cards
  • An exclusive tour of the Ancient Art collection and/or exhibitions at the Museums
  • A private curatorial consultation
  • Invitation to a special luncheon with the curators of ancient art and an AAC speaker
  • A complimentary museum catalogue or publication (subject to availability)

$450.00 tax deductible

Membership is renewed annually. Please note that Ancient Art Council members are also required to be members of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. When filling out the application above, you will be given a choice to either provide your membership number if you are already a member or sign up to join the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.