Ancient Near Eastern

Relief of a Gift Bearer

Bituminous limestone , H 8 x W 7 ½

Relief of a Gift Bearer

Persian, Achaemenid Empire, Persepolis, Palace of Darius or Xerxes, ca. 490–470 B.C.

The magnificent palace architecture in the fabled ancient site of Persepolis was distinguished by the sculpted stonework relief decorations on its massive walls. This relief, from the Palace of Darius or Xerxes in Persepolis, shows the head and shoulders of a bearded Persian in profile wearing the typical pleated bashlyk.

Museum purchase, gift of Lisa Sardegna, Albert P. Wagner Bequest Fund, William A. Stimson, Friends of Ian White Endowment Income Fund, Unrestricted Art Acquisition Endowment Fund, Volunteer Council Art Acquisition Fund, Ancient Art Trust Fund and Auction Proceeds, Mrs. John N. Rosekrans, Jr., Sande Schlumberger, Endowment Fund in Honor of Francesca and Thomas Carr Howe, Walter H. and Phyllis J. Shorenstein Foundation Fund, Tish and James Brown and various Tribute Funds


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